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MTBN: Frequently Asked Questions

What is My-Tamil Banner Exchange Program?

How do I sign up for free banner advertising with My-Tamil Ad Network?

It's easy. Just follow the outlined steps and you're all set.

  1. Sign Up for an account
  2. Insert the My-Tamil Ad Network HTML code into the first screen fold ( within first 480 pixels at the top ) of your web pages.
  3. Submit a banner GIF/JPG and have it approved.

What is an "active My-Tamil Ad Network member"?

"Active members" refer to accounts that are participating fully in My-Tamil Ad Network. This means that they have completed the above steps.

Do I have any guarantee that my personal information will remain private?

Yes, your e-mail address and all other information will remain private with My-Tamil Ad Network. 

I tried to submit my application but I keep getting error messages.

Our database does not accept special characters such as ! ' # $ or spaces. Please make sure to fill in ALL of the fields on the form. If you do not know the answer to a particular question, simply enter "NA" to complete the field.

I tried to join and received an error, but when I went back to fix it, it said my URL was already registered.

Contact us at Contact Form. Include the email address and URL you tried to sign up and we will get back to you with your account information.

I only see My-Tamil Ad Network banners...

We only display My-Tamil Ad Network banners on your site until we have received and processed your banner. Once we process your banner, you'll start seeing the banners of other members. We process banners within 72 hours of receipt so, barring any problems, you should see member ads soon. If you don't start seeing member ads within 72 hours, please let us know. During the interim period between signing up and submitting your banner, your account will accumulate credits for every person who visits your site. My-Tamil Ad Network banners show until your banner is submitted and approved at which point, all of the accumulated credits will be redeemed.

Where is my banner?

Banners are displayed essentially at random on any of our members pages . In general, your banner is scheduled to appear on the next appropriate site after you get a hit to your site. If you want to see the statistics for your banner, you can view them in the Member Stats Section.

What is the chance that the banner network will be showing a paid sponsors ad on my site?

We don't always have sponsor ads running, but when we do to cover our cost for this FREE service. Usually our ads shows up according to the following ratios:

We guarantee that members will always receive at least a 3:2 exchange ratio.

What exactly is a credit?

A credit is the unit we use to measure your banner advertising. Each time your page receives 3 visits, you earn 2 credit (3:2 ratio). As soon as you earn one credit you are immediately scheduled to be advertised on another member's site.

How can I get more credits?

If you want more exposures, visit our Extra Credits page.

How many credits does my site have to earn before my ad is displayed on other sites?

One. As soon as you earn one credit (3 visit to your site counts as 2 credits), you are immediately scheduled to be advertised on another member site. If we don't have your banner (GIF) on file, you will accumulate credits until we receive your banner, after which your credits will be redeemed for exposures on other sites.

What is a click-thru?

Click-thru is a ratio comparing the number of times your banner has been viewed on other sites to the number of clicks that your banner has received.

So, if we advertised your banner 5000 times (5000 exposures) and 50 people clicked on your banner to visit your page, you would have a 100:1 click-thru ratio.

How can I improve my click-thru?

The key element that affect click-thru is the banner design.

Banners that use humor and those that have plenty of information do best. Experimenting with different banner designs can help you decide what types of banners are most effective.

Remember that click-thru is not the only measure of performance in banner advertising campaigns. For each display of your ad, regardless of its click-thru, you are still receiving valuable exposure for your site, your business, and for your brand.

If you are looking for banner tips, Check out :

Why is my web counter showing a different number than my stats?

Each Web counter uses different methods to count up visits. Some web counters discount multiple consecutive hits from the same IP address, and others only count one visit for each IP address per day. Therefore, you will often find that different web counters give different results. We measure how many times the My-Tamil Ad Network code on your page has resulted in the loading of a banner.

AdNetwork Questions

My-Tamil Ad Network offers the easiest and efficient way to get your business promoted on the Internet.

FREE Targeted advertising and branding for your business on Tamil's largest network of websites!

How does it work ?

Simple! As soon as you have signed up, you'll be given some HTML code to insert into your website.

Every time somebody visits your homepage, our html code will display a banner on your site such as the one you see above.

Showing banners on your site will help you earn credits for your own advertising banner on the network. The banner that shows up on your website will either be a informational banner OR another member's banner OR a banner from our sponsor. Every time a banner is displayed or clicked on your site, you'll earn credits for your own banner on the network at 3:2 view ratio. That means each time your website shows 3 banners, you earn 2 credit.

Your credits will be spent automatically by our system, as long as you have atleast a banner submitted and it's approved for display on our network.

Statistic reports

Our amazing detailed statistic reports will show you how well your ads perform.  You can know how active your visitors are, how many times they see your ads, how many clicks they make on a daily breakdown. 

Most data that you see in the statistic section are in real-time (updated at the very moment you ask for them).

Super fast ad serving technology

All our ad servers are hosted on a super fast and reliable network connected via multiple OC-3 lines to the Internet backbone.
In fact we use all latest technologies to deliver your ads at blazing speed to your target audience.

24hr access to your account

After designing you banners using your favorite banner design tool, you have to indicate your banner URL through the account control panel.

Is all this actually free?

Yes, our Ad Network services are provided absolutely free of charge. Our costs are covered through advertising revenue from our sponsors.

What if I don't want banners to be shown on my web site?

Despite the professional look of banners from our banner network, many people just don't like banners on their site. My-Tamil Ad Network also offers a Low cost Advertising Option with rich media support to give you the best value for your advertising budget!. For more customized solutions, ad serving and ad management solutions, Contact Us!

I have lost my login info.

Contact Us! with the following info:

I joined, but now it won't let me login.

Most likely you were interrupted in the process of registering, therefore you only partially created an account. Please try login again using your account name and the password that you originally tried to sign up with. If this doesn't work, please Contact Us!.

How do I get a banner?

Our support group has compiled a list of the most popular resources for you. Both free and fee based.

If you have another good resource in mind, we will be glad to include it here. Please Contact Us!.

I am unable to submit my banner.

Your banner probably does not meet all of the requirements to be accepted. Please make sure that your banner is:

Where is my banner appearing on other sites?

Banners are displayed essentially at random on any of our members pages. We have no way to know exactly when and where your banner will be displayed.

Why was my site refused advertising from the My-Tamil Ad Network?

Your site or links on your site probably violated one of the Terms & Conditions that you agreed to when you joined.

Please recheck your site and links and remove any unacceptable material. Once you have done so, please Contact Us!.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, Contact Us!.

It is extremely useful if you supply us with the account ID  and reason why you wish to cancel the account.

Submitting Banners

First, your banner should meet the following banner specs:

  1. GIF/JPEG graphics only
  2. Exactly 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high
  3. non transparent GIFs
  4. 10K max in size
  5. 10 seconds animation (if any), no looping

Plan A

Find below tutorials for submitting banners:

This is a step-by-step tutorial to help you successfully submit your banner.
Step One: Creating a Banner

You must first create a banner or have a banner created for you. Make sure the banner you want to add to the AdNetwork is uploaded into your website and is now available on the web.

Your banner must already be made available on your web server as any other image used in your HTML pages.

Step Two: Getting your Banner's location
Step Three: Submitting your Banner
Error ? Unable to upload a new banner OR update an existing one ?
If you experience a "time out error," either your server or our server may be too busy. Try to submit your banner again at a later time.

Plan B 

This is a step-to-step tutorial to help you submit your banner if Plan A fails. This process may take longer than Plan A.

Step One: Banner Requirements
Step Two: Sending Through Email

Email your account name, your password,  and your banner as an attachment to banner (at)

The exact method for attaching files will depend on your email program.

P.S. If you are experiencing a problem or don't understand a feature of your Banner Network service and your question is not answered in the above FAQ section, please let us know. Contact Us! and try to explain your problem.

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